"like anywhere else there are no Coincidences, probability makes for Accomplices and change creates meaning."

hello, welcome to my carrd. here you will find facts about me, i hope you enjoy!

here are my socials, if you want to get in touch:

my name is valentina cephei (val or tina for short). i live in novi sad, in the republic of serbia. i am 19 (my birthday is on the 12. of august). i am bisexual and nonbinary, leaning towards agender. i'm neurodivergent. i am very into music, tv, reading, walking thru cities, hanging out in dark alleyways with cryptid friends and collecting physical music releases.


i love music! whether it's listening to it or collecting it, it's probably the thing i talk about the most.
i love many different artists, too many to list. check my last.fm for the stats or my discogs for my collection of physicals!

media wise, i enjoy internet content mostly. at any moment, i'm probably binging a youtube channel (probably dankpods, smoorez, binging with babish, one of the various gordon ramsay related channels, or videos about speedrunning or cooking, despite not actively doing either of those things.)
i enjoy watching comedy tv shows, i've finished all of IASIP, father ted, black books, day today and brass eye, and i enjoy other shows such as scrubs, malcolm in the middle, IT crowd (FUCK linehan), etc.
i enjoy playing video games, at the moment i'm obsessed with the binding of isaac, i also enjoy nuclear throne, picross games, flash games, etc.
i speak four languages (english, serbocroatian, french, and slovene) and enjoy studying and reading about many other ones. at the moment, i'm trying to brush up on my japanese.


i cherish my friends more than anything else in the world, here are some of them

andrea, ashley, clover, damien, emily, evelyn, finley, gwen, harun♥️, jakey, jay, julian, leila, liam, liam, max, micheal, quatral, remy, sof, suzie, sybil, taf, will